Metro X Review

I was first introduced to Japanese designer Hisashi Hayashi’s games when I played Yokohama. It had simple Euro mechanisms and quickly became one of my

Pret-a-Porter Review

For game designers, themes are difficult. Sometimes the idea for a game comes from wanting to explore a certain theme in a board game. Other

Santa Monica Review

I had just gotten back from a weekend in Los Angeles visiting friends when I saw the announcement for Santa Monica on the AEG webpage.

Northgard Preview

In the early 1990s, real-time strategy PC games started to blossom. Computing power had increased to the point that constant interaction with opposing networked players

Borgata Review

Any person who wishes to sit down and start reviewing games should pause for a second. That pause should transform into a meditation on how

Rallyman: GT Review

As a lifelong Indiana resident, I should probably be really into racing. Unfortunately, I’ve never even been to the Indy 500, or the Indianapolis Motor

Hedgehog Hop Review

When rating your dance crew auditions, I think everyone knows that Jason Mendoza’s 13 point scale (with an 8 being the highest) is the way